So, What are "The Realmsters?"

Well, that IS an interesting question, so we'll introduce ourselves. Hi, We are The Realmsters. A group of people dedicated to bringing you quality D&D Homebrew content, based on our game world Quoria. From creations inspired by popular D&D 5E shows such as Critical Role, and D&D Beyonds "Beyond Heroes" to weird and wacky weapons, with the occasional dabble in monsters and that sort of mayhem. We have got it all. Along with this, we take custom homebrew requests, serve as a place for those who LOVE D&D to get together, write custom character backgrounds, do the occasional stupid "Live D&D Game" over at and other weird live events, such as "Six in Sixty", our chat controlled Homebrew show "Way wackeyer than a Worg", where YOU are in charge of OUR weekly homebrew. Along with this, we are constantly developing a game world called Quoria. So, that is, in a Antilife Shell, Who/What we are.

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