Become an ORIGINAL today!

On July 4th we announced that until October 4th, 2020 there would be exactly one-hundred people that could become an Original, but we didn’t go into much detail as we weren’t quite sure ourselves.. On July 4th we released a subscription service with varying tiers, but we won't be going into detail about that just yet. The Original tier will be the highest of all tiers and will grant the following benefits.

  • A yearly coupon for 25 dollars off any of the following: Merchandise, a Subscription, or any of our Premium adventures.

  • An Originals badge next to your name.

  • A customized profile picture designed to your liking (if you so desire)

  • One free voucher for a fully fleshed out character backstory, based on your description.

  • And access to Original-only live events.

Gus McLeran is the founder of The Realmsters, and the leader of our website development team. He is currently working with our blog author Bryn Diammonddew to write "The Dreamsters" a singler player One Shot.

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