Looking for Writers and Illustrators!

Hello Everyone! As a fledgling Homebrew company, we are lacking in staff. For the most part our Website is maintained by myself (which is fine), but other than that, we have a writer, Bryn (not their real name), and nothing else. Therefore, we need some more "staff". While this is simply something you would be doing as a hobby, we need to assemble a team of writers and illustrators to assist us in our endeavors. While we require illustrators more so than writers, we would also like to expand our team in that direction, so that we can produce more, longer, creations for our audience. This is not a paying job, we simply ask that you supply us with one homebrewed piece of YOUR creation, whether it be via email, a D&D Beyond project, a pdf, or other means. However, if you would like a more in depth experience, however, you can help write some of our bigger piece, such as The Dreamsters, and various adventures for our campaign world Quoria. As for illustrators, it is undeniable that illustrations custom made are better than EVERYTHING else. If you are interested, email us at therealmsters@gmail.com

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